We’re in the flow, snarfs – we’re in… the… flow!

Here’s how it breaks down by category:

1,154 Detroit Pistons (NBA)

874 JAMZ of the Week

641 Detroit Tigers (MLB)

554 Gs

459 Snarfology

431 Detroit Lions (NFL)

307 Snarfs

285 Other Sports

176 Detroit Red Wings (NHL/AHL)

156 TV

100 Snarfolitics

98 Movies

73 College Basketball

49 Anyone for Tennis?

43 College Football

32 Boxing

29 Olympics

26 Soccer

10 Golf

2 College Snarfs

= over 5,000! (Some categories overlap; for instance, there are a lot of G’s in the NBA…)

*With over 1,000 comments by oldschool – beat that dynamic! We got the young and the wise, the 20th and 21st centuries… with each and every article we’re passing the torch from generation to generation…