It’s early in the morning on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’d been raining all night, so I forced myself to get up and shut the windows from the cold. Now, I was awake. So I kept it lame, and checked my Twitter. I had a message, hoping it was from a girl. Even more surprising: it was an old friend from the rap game, Coolaid Cal.

He had messaged me for first time in two years.

It’s like nine a.m., and I exclaim back, “WHAT’S GOOD!”

And I instantly get a call on my phone. Out of state area code.

I don’t answer; I’m barely awake and my phone stays invaded by snarfs.

But I googled the area code, and it was Dade County – Miami. It’s him?!

I walk outside as not to wake my dad… It’s my dude.

Someday, maybe when Cal and I are chilling on an island somewhere, I’ll properly articulate the tremendous appreciation I have for the call. He’s back. He sat out the game for a minute to observe it, only now to return on his birthday, September 19, with the release of his new album. And he’s trusted me with the preview of a pair of upcoming singles.

First of all, before I even listen, let me tell you about the man. An incredibly passionate G from Haiti, extremely humble beginnings, who has aspirations beyond just music. When I met him in fall 2011, he was perhaps the freshest – not the awesome slang, but literally, refreshing artist maybe I’d ever heard. I swear to God the different sounds he let me hear off an unreleased CD were all so unique, captivating, and damn slappin’.

And now, he’s really back at it. We could name drop, but he’s his own man, wanting to bring reality to his own Haitian country as well as his rap. Without further ado… His first track, “Coolaid,” for which he was kind enough to supply us the video…

It’s revolutionary! He just managed to deliver an outstanding song, a nice music video, and enough of a plot to set up another episode? Seriously, check it out:

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. We’re watching another young artist about to use the internet to blow up. Hop on the bandwaggon while there’s still room.

You know what Cal schooled me on? The guy who told Dr. Dre to make his headphones. Coolaid is introducing himself to the world while maintaining his character. He told me he’s lost the lives of friends along his journey and intends to reflect the struggle along with his harmonious rhymes. Instead of rushing to acquaintances Flo Rida or Trinidad James, for example, he is focused on his own message for the album.


“The Flavorman LP”

Both Cal and I are making something out of nothing. Brick by brick, year-by-year, using the internet as a medium to non-profitably expose ourselves as artists.

So, now’s the time. For me, him, and this next song, “Flava Man.” (Admittedly, the electricity is in the air, eh, snarfs?)

But wait – more babble. I am in such daily pain, right? Metal heel and nine screws in my right foot! Google the goddamn calcaneus, it’s massive. But like Cal continuing through the daily grind, we continue to blaze – trails and that good.

And NOW:

That actually just happened. The crisp beat, incredible, soothing rhymes, while delivering direct bars? And exactly like the stuff I heard live, completely original? C’mon, quite impressive. That was only two songs from the new album and I guarantee each one will be unique, while keeping it 100.

TheSportingSnarf thanks Coolaid Cal for this once in a lifetime opportunity. He is a blessed musician with genuine aspirations, and previewing his upcoming album is a privilege.

My opinion isn’t for sale. Coolaid earned the SnarfStamp by being a goddamn genuine G.

We look forward to the rest of the album and the rest of many more Coolaid Cal-Sporting Snarf collisions.

(I also am really impressed with his comical but insightful approach to women. Even though we love to talk about love, it’s really skin deep a lot of the time. Why not let a gold digging, simple girl go? Let alone any fake person.)