The Olympics are a very confusing time. Often set in the backdrop of poverty or in a cheating nation, the overwhelming joy and good of the games is clashed with the real world that likely needs that money for vital resources rather than a new swimming pool or soccer stadium.

So, no NBC, you can’t just whitewash the social injustices from an area with winning. You can’t overcome a need for fresh water, food, housing, and health care with a gold medal. So DON’T TRY TO.

ALLOW THE GAMES TO STAND ON THEIR OWN. They are already showcasing athletes from all over the world competing side-by-side, the ultimate slap to Drumpf-like racist rhetoric anywhere on Earth. Not only is every country represented, the athletes live together in a village for two weeks. SUCK IT, ISIS.

It’s all over. The fireworks blazed through Rio’s sky as one final goodbye. But the feeling can never be lost. The thrill of watching dreams both come true and shattered simultaneously puts into perspective some of our own daily struggles. Seeing an African-American woman atop the swimming podium, cheering for Bolt, chanting, “GO, GO, GO!” to the great Phelps – are indelible moments that represent everything right about sports.

Maybe we should all wake up and see that if you take a step back, it just looks like all different kinds of people playing the same sports together. That’s peace. That’s harmony. And that’s what the Olympics leaves you with, time and time again.

See you in four years.