It’s what it comes down to, America. We have too much to lose, as the Democrats eloquently outlined at the DNC over the past four days.*

Michelle Obama gave a powerful speech to lead Monday off (maybe she’ll be the next Hillary…), setting the tone for the perennially feisty Elizabeth Warren, who tore Drumpf to shreds! And we ended our opening night in arms, coming together unlike the RNC with both our candidates formulating a brilliant progressive plan.

There is a clear choice come November: believe in the country built on rights and freedom, or sell our middle-class souls to one lousy used car-salesman. Unlike Hillary Clinton, douchey Don has outlined nothing but expensive, racist, reckless rhetoric, mirroring the man itself. The one good to come from his campaign – besides finally burying the GOP in it’s do-nothing ruin – was to expose himself as a worthless fraud.

Don’t we believe in ourselves? Do many of us go home to a mansion? Only the KKK has anything to benefit from Drumpf (See: David Duke).

Meanwhile, Clinton made millions billions of women across the world able to say the leaders of the free, upholders of democracy, and a nation built on hopes and dreams can offer that same inspiration to them. NEVER BEFORE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS A WOMAN EVEN BEEN NOMINATED FOR PRESIDENT.

So feel free, desperate housewives; young Sanders supporters; free thinking men and women; immigrants; old people with health care and social security needs; LGBT Americans; blacklivesmatter; disabled people, veterans, and anyone needing help; white men who secretly know the racism at work is wrong; good police; Republicans, fellow politicians; dogs, cats; working people with wages too low; college kids who can’t afford to finish the education needed to succeed; AND EVERYONE WHO HAS A HEART, LOVES THEIR FAMILY, AND KNOWS SOMETIMES SCIENCE DOES HAVE THE ANSWERS: walk tall into that voting booth and do whatever you please, alone, just you… then lie to your dick husband or your co-workers and know at least when you wake up the next day you actually believed in yourself.

Because THAT’S what we’re doing, snarfs: showing the world, like we did twice with Barack Obama, that we stand UP to bullies and beat them, for ourselves. I’ll be voting for HER.

(*Snarf’s note: this was written immediately following the finale on Thursday.)