Do you think you can just insult us, one by one, and we won’t team up to destroy you? Today, I volunteered alongside fellow Michigan Democrats, Muslim, White, Old, Young, Men, Women – to take you down. You see, not only do we despise you and all that you stand for and potentially represent, but we also actually have our own candidate whom we know and love. There’s no scrambling, despite the limited resources we always have compared to our rich Republican counterparts, to find our voice. WE ARE ALL IN WITH HILLARY CLINTON.

I got a swaggin’ yard sign to prove it, Molester-Donnie, for everyone to see as they paddle along the Grand River. It’s not about beating you. It’s about electing a supremely qualified candidate who will help us in the dozens of areas we must keep addressing like President Barack Obama successfully did after eight years of hell under dumbass Dubya. AND about DEMOLISHING you, because I happen to love this country already. I happen to find Michelle Obama, her husband, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, and all our progressive, kind, thoughtful, hopeful team of Democrats to be incredibly inspiring.

I saw it first hand today: public service isn’t glamorous or something to get rich off. Why do you think Obama went gray in office? It’s a job, something I don’t think the born rich Drumpf has ever experienced in his life. With nine screws I helped volunteer; with a metal plate in my foot I signed up voters; and I’ll tell you what, I feel about as complete as I ever have, knowing maybe for the first time with 100% certainty that I am apart of a real cause, just like you can be, too.

Knock on doors, register your friends and family to vote before Tuesday’s deadline, explain to your neighbors why Clinton deserves their time and energy. Because she’s worthy, America, and I think it’s about as stark of a contrast between her Leslie Knope-like enthusiasm vs. a man who wants to grab your daughter, sister, wife, aunt, friend, or maybe YOU by the pussy.