Can’t believe I even have to write this. What an awful night – I truly cannot believe America chose a con-artist over a qualified candidate just because she was a woman. You’d have thought after eight years with a black President, our country would progress. Instead, uneducated white people elected one of their own despite him being the worst candidate of all-time.

Look, the KKK just won. As Keith Olbermann pointed out, the terrorists just won. They wanted to unseat our democracy with a rogue moron, and finally, they found someone with enough hate and bigotry to rile up the worst of America’s oldschool racism. Growing up, my best friend was a black woman. This election insults me to the bone because we simply refused to judge Hillary Clinton by the content of her character.

We let down women all over the world. Any Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, or 3rd party candidate you supported instead of Clinton just cost her the election. Oh, and enough with the electoral college: MOST PEOPLE JUST ELECTED HER PRESIDENT.

I know many of you sat at home. Many of you, like the Germans who watched Hitler persecute the Jews, have stood by while one of the worst moments in world history occurred. You are all responsible, and you all know exactly who you are.

Not my dad. Not my mom. And not me. I couldn’t be more proud of the conversations I had with my parents up until election day, and this whole process has truly brought out the best in me. It reminded me who I am, what I stand for, and why I love this country so much: because of it’s deep diversity.

So on behalf of Gs everywhere, HillDog: WE SALUTE YOU. GOD BLESS YOU!