At one point do we reject the internet as a trusted source?

Not Not normal websites.

Twitter. Facebook… aka rumor mill. I am just stunned by the self-assuredness behind so many people nowadays who are dumb as fuck. It’s almost as if anonymous social media has dumbed down the water cooler conversation to a new low.

Why not used that feature ingrained in every new tab, a Google search, to just find out if you’re right? Why the hell do you think having a fast computer makes YOU smart? LOL you didn’t build that machine!

And that’s what The Wire tried to teach us in it’s final season and what we all should know by now: vet the hell out of your sources before you talk shit. Because it’s not about ego or some right vs. wrong – it’s only learning. In the case of the continuing WikiLeaks, I’m truly stunned at how willing we are to participate in the Russians’ games.

You see, it’s not about rigging our election, it’s about convincing the 50% of voters who are undecided to simply stay home and be cynical, i.e. their vote “doesn’t matter.” Rich people vote. Republicans vote. The Democrats are desperate to sign up as many snarfs as they can to register to vote because the middle class is the 99.9%. We can’t relate to the Donald’s of the world, and so they constantly try and distract you from the issues.

Don’t let them. We didn’t in 2008 or 2012 ensuring Barack Obama didn’t get beaten by another George W. Bush. So many of you young people don’t realize just how bad it was under W and how much progress is still at stake in this election. We have EVERYTHING to lose: abortion and women’s health care services like planned parenthood, black people will keep getting unjustly murdered by police; climate change will never be addressed; Drumpf will give his own family a $4 billion dollar tax break (if he’s worth what he claims lol), we’ll be setting back women’s rights hundreds of years with a rapist in charge, Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton’s college plans will never be enacted to make it affordable again; keeping weed legal, look at all the money we’re making; the KKK will have their candidate rise to power and this rhetoric won’t stop, infiltrating our schools with a $40 billion dollar racist unnecessary wall and a immigration deportation that could send tens of millions of moms and dads back across a border where they’ve built a real hard-working life in America; Drumpf will ban Muslims from entering the USA, an immigrant nation; destroy public funding for health care, disabilities, veterans, social security… the list is so fucking cut and dry all you people in the middle class not voting Democrat are such MORONS.

First of all how can some cyber scares even compare to the madness we witness on a daily basis from the GOP & Drumpf? We need to realize these stories are never going to end from a Kremlin country that has been hacking our country on a state and national level as well as every other democratic country they feel threatened by FOR YEARS. It’s really easy to figure out – they use the information provided by the hackers to spread temporary lies and prevent you from seeing the stark contrast between a dictator like Vladimir Putin and the free world. HE IS SO SCARED OF OBAMA, make no mistake. And once a source like Wikileaks has been proven as a front for Russia’s pro-Drumpf agenda, that’s it.

Back to the issues. The people. And our country, because if the other side’s slogan is legit, it means we truly believe in America. And if you do, it means you believe in democracy, where exercising our vote puts us on the same playing field as bullies everywhere. They already know they’re going to lose, think about what that says about us: maybe we do know what’s going on after all.