That was an extremely enjoyable Super Bowl, from start to finish. A 10-10 game at halftime, gorgeous ass-shaking from Latina goddesses J-Lo and Shakira, and finally a three touchdown fourth quarter by Kansas City to complete a 10-point comeback and earn their first Super Bowl win since 1969.

Patrick Maholmes won MVP, but it was their running back, Damien Williams, who deserved the award. Williams converted huge 4th downs for the Chiefs (get used to hearing that racist name, baby!), tip-toed in the go-ahead TD on 3rd and goal, and finished off the 49ers with a blistering 40-yard run at the end of the game. Maholmes, like Jimmy G, threw a pair of interceptions, and besides his ability to run and one big play, he was less than impressive.

San Francisco had it up 20-10 with under 9 minutes to go. But they allowed KC to convert the game’s biggest play on 3rd and 15, failing to cover the WR downfield. And then on a 3rd and goal, they committed a crucial pass interference penalty against Travis Kelce, making it 20-17. They went 3 and out, the Chiefs got the punt, and marched right back down to take the lead for good.

Don’t underestimate the glory of that halftime either, jesus. There’s always an underscore of cynicism about the Super Bowl from people who don’t really get it, but I swear everyone can find something to enjoy. Personally, I don’t watch the commercials, but I’m glad there’s entertainment for everyone.

Finally, congratulations to Andy Reid, who I have watched coach his entire 21-year career. Classy dude who waited longer than any coach in NFL history to earn his ring. I’m just relieved we have a worthy champ again, and we can all get ready for 2021!