At first it didn’t seem so bad – everything slowed down, there was almost a nice stillness to it all. But then the reports in Europe and other countries kept getting worse. And now, it’s in Detroit. In New York. All over our fucking country, scaring the living shit out of all of us whether we admit it or not, and paralyzing daily life.

I miss LIFE. Seeing people do them, go about their day, watching my sports ♥. It’s surreal, and it’s only been two weeks of being “shutdown.” We have at least four more to go, at least. Maybe it feels like a movie or a TV Show, but soon it will spread to your community. To someone you know. Hopefully not to you.

This is the realest thing any of us have ever gone through as a collective world. To see each and everyone, irregardless of where they live, taking precautions and being stuck inside, it’s both sad and scary. The unknown is upon us, constantly now.

I refresh the stats almost numbly like I’m checking last night’s box scores. I haven’t see any signs of this slowing down. The only reason I’m even writing this is to say that, just in case anything happens to you, me, or someone we love: I really do love this world, you all, and the experiences we get to share.

And, like you all, I can’t fucking wait to be within six feet of my fellow people again. Without connection, it all kind of feels like… nothing.