It seems like, the more technology makes sports available to everyone, we are going to keep having a descending level of quality opinions. You just don’t see people give their take on something until it is on some kind of national stage. It’s why most people, when they try and talk politics, sound so uninformed. Because: they are.

You can’t just watch a few big playoff games and come away with anything more than an opinion on what you just saw. You have no ability to put anything into perspective, you don’t know if the team or player has a history of being a douche or not, and you basically are pretending that a child who walks into the middle of a movie can elaborately go on to direct the final scene. STFU.

Also, the level of disrespect towards those who shed their blood, sweat, and tears. The lack of understanding that your loser ass would be bored shitless without this glorious constant entertainment. Soak up game, enjoy it, but please, don’t criticize or be an asshole until you have actually watched the game for more than a few minutes. Please.