You just got KO’d in the 1st round of the presidential debates. You offered nothing, resulting to unproven, unfounded claims against the intellectually superior Hillary Clinton that reeked of desperation.

Look, you have no plans (/balls). We all know it. With Clinton under center, we could combat climate change, remove army-style guns from the streets and protect our citizens from discrimination, lower college costs drastically, keep funding public health care. The list goes on and on, which you could witness, from her smooth retorts to anything Drumpf grasped at to her detailed set of plans, which she outlined for 90 minutes while the GOP nominee twiddled his tiny thumbs.

I fully understand exactly what he is, a costumed madman. He baboon bluffs with his debted wealth, illegal businesses, fake tan, fake orange toupee, and “secret” policies. But by the end of the debate, he’d been dissected and proven as the fraud of a businessman he is. He will offer our country nothing, slashing taxes for himself and select rich people. Guess what? You won’t be one of them.

Instead, you can deny a racist, legitimately scary 1984 like “Law & Order” dictator who represents nothing redeemable about America and listen to what a woman has to say, for the first time in our history.

I did tonight, and I was blown away by her tenacity and toughness that was refined with love and an understanding of how the economy really works: from the ground up, not the other way around like Republicans falsely promise. Spreading fear and downright lies is the work of a demagogue, something the world has already seen in extremely dangerous forms.

So, no South Park, it’s not the difference between two spoiled brats. There’s just one, and we saw him exposed on center stage tonight.