What would we do without Saturday Night Live? Seriously. Part of the reason W’s eight years flew by so fast: impeccable comedy week-by-week savaging the dumbass for exactly what he was. And since the oompa-loompa was elected, nothing else has been able to level the playing field so quickly.

As a kid, we do exactly what we’re told: not out of respect or understanding, but because of fear. Many people view the president in a similar “God-like” manner, worshiping blindly. When Richard Nixon was caught and impeached, it shattered the ego of American politics. “You mean… he lied to us??” Yeah – and that’s only what you know. If, for the world to see, DT scammed his own country’s college students to the tune of millions of dollars (until he settled for $27M right before inauguration), openly brags about molestation, went bankrupt numerous times, never fully paying his workers – imagine what is below the iceberg like those taxes he won’t release.

And to me, this is not just America’s problem. Each and everyone of you know the energy this vampire has siphoned from you over the past two years – and now, I can tell, it’s not as funny as it used to be. You want it to go away – but how? How can SNL be the only one’s actually holding Trump accountable?

During the cold-opening, at one point the President, aka Alec Baldwin, straight up admits James Comey was only fired for investigating Trump’s ties to Russia (which don’t take a magnifying glass to see). The reporter’s like, “That’s it, right? I got him… Oh wait. This just in: nothing matters anymore.”

It was hysterical and SO TRUE! I have noticed from many young people (*cough* Bernie Sanders supporters *cough*) that they mean well but have no clue how things work, their history, or what is really going on. They muddy themselves down in cynical self-pity because they can’t admit they don’t know what is happening.

It’s a goddamn honor to be able to write these articles. Since I was a child, the son of a Grand Rapids Public School teacher whose dad always read to him, I have studied, read, and educated myself for almost 30 years.

I know it’s not your fault, ordinary people. But The Wire warned us during “W” that unless you figure shit out on your own, the 21st century sensationalized world will rape you. Your brain will not function. It will be useless. And it will take the best actors in the world to make you laugh and bring you back to life. SNL only has one week left: it’s on us to start to wake up.