My brother & I thought for a while about how to handle the national anthem when we returned to Van Andel Arena to see our banner raised from winning the 2017 Calder Cup Championship. Should we sit? Is there room to knee? We elected to stand during “O Canada,” and sit for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And I cannot believe anyone would question someone else’s ability to do the same (i.e. take a knee).

No one really cared. Granted, our display was nothing like doing it for everyone to see on the field, but people saw us. It was as peaceful and non-violent a protest as possible, and President Drumpf should never be allowed to threaten anyone who wishes to do the same.

The amount of bullying going on in this world is fucking overwhelming. Who just barges into something they know nothing about and inserts such a poor opinion? A distractasurus, that’s who. Stay focused on the impeachment, America. And fuck Donald Trump.