Can’t really believe I’m writing this. Not because we massively choked and lost the last two games with a chance to close out the Semis, but because WE ARE HERE. It took one season with Kawhi to make us a contender, and now, it’s time to beat the Nuggets one more time.

Look, we might seem cursed, but we were never that good. We had a wonderful team with Blake, CP3 and DeAndre. And yes, it was awful to blow a 3-1 lead vs Houston. But THIS is the real title contender. This team HAS IT. We have to just play basketball Tuesday. If Denver beats us, it is what it is. But we can’t keep beating ourselves.

Our problem when we get these big leads is so simple. We stagnate our offense and stop the defensive intensity. We go through a scoreless drought and define ourselves by our ability to create shots instead of just staying focused on getting stops. Denver always comes back when we enable the perimeter play, we can never ever relax on their triple tries. Furthermore, we build these leads by passing and dominating five strong, not one-on-one.

I really, really, really really want to win this series. I can’t handle putting another collapse on my Clippers resume. It will define us, win or lose, for a long time. It’s a chance to either erase a half century of stigma or create an entire new identity for generations to come. Kawhi can do it. Paul George can do it. Montrezl Harrel, Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams. Marcus Morris. Landry Shamet. JaMichael Green. ALL WARRIORS. ZUBAC. SOLDIER. REGGIE JACKSON. HEART.

I am a Clipper, win or lose. If we are cursed, then I’m going to face that curse one more time Tuesday. Because until you beat me, I haven’t lost. And it’s only tied, 3-3. First to four, Denver.