Heard that song on the radio, and it embodies the spirit of you, Chicago Cubs.

As my friend from Seattle said tonight, you are my National League team. My twin sister from the north side. My team in 2016. I was all-in with you tonight, and you, unlike my fucking sorry ass Detroit Tigers DID NOT LET ME DOWN!!!!

We fucking did it. 9-8. In a game I will attempt to recap to my brother who just arrived home from work forever… leadoff double, horrible challenge, bad pitching… bad snarf karma… a 4-1 hole. A 5-4 lead. Max Scherzer choking worse than Washington on his fat contract… the Nats battling back, each and every inning… only to be out-battled by the boys in blue.

You’re done, Dusty Baker. You, too Max. Oh, and Bryce Harper? Way to end the series swinging at ball four in the dirt. Game over.