Well, West Michigan: it was not the way we wanted it to end, losing the final two games at home by one run each time. BUT – you lost several key players and still provided the river with one helluva season.

I elected to listen to game three on the radio and hear the roar from the crowd after attending game two live. I love my city so much, and not going sucked, but my foot was so sore. We lost in extra innings after another 2-out rally tied it in the bottom of the ninth.

I got up the next morning so grateful to watch Michigan play and get back up on the horse. Then, the Lions really picked up the state with a wonderful home opener vs. a talented Arizona squad.

I’m so proud of Grand Rapids & of Michigan. We’re still the Calder Cup champs, baby!

Thanks again, Whitecaps – can’t wait ’til 2018…