I’m fucking serious. How much more personal am I going to let the biggest bully to inherit the oval office get? Jemele Hill, focal point of ESPN, spoke out against the President and was then told by that said man, with prolific power, that she, a journalist, should be fired. For coherently, non-venomously, & articulately making a factual point that she would probably he ashamed of herself if she didn’t – if she didn’t stand up, as a woman from Detroit, Michigan, as an African-American, to say exactly how she felt. So I am, too: fuck Donald Trump.

This bitch ass traitor can’t keep doing this. We must at the very least shine the light so bright on his orange skin it makes global warming look dull (that’s another day’s argument for that fuck). Because he’s doing to the United States exactly what Vladimir Putin did to Russia: spreading fear without any repercussion. You do that by killing the informants. Killing the messengers. Taking out any means of communication so the truth becomes so jaded parts of Europe still think Putin is an OK guy. Fuck that.

Find your fucking balls world. Make your voice heard however and wherever you can. Because the day we stop standing up for Hill, a fellow sports writer who once took the time to respond to me when I complimented her realness, saying “Appreciate that,” is the day our lives begin to end. Well, Jemele, I still do thank you for being so real. And thank you for taking a stand, I agree with everything you said. That man is a white supremacist. End of story.

Fuck him.