Whether it’s being anti-abortion, not wanting to lower college costs or raise wages, denying everyone health care, or even promoting more guns (and not denouncing police abuse of them), the GOP aka the Republican party seems to only care about the special interests of the rich. So, why on earth do so many poor white people vote for them?!

It might boil down to pure racism and insecurity. Because America is supposed to be the land of opportunity. We were all immigrants (except the Native Americans) at one point. I thought the American Dream was if I worked hard as a kid, did well in school, I would succeed. Little did I know how much college cost compared to what you can make as a 19-22 year old student trying to also pay rent and occasionally eat.

Why would a generation of people who could actually afford their tuition with reasonable costs and part-time work want to discourage future generations from success? Is it a dinosaur-like fear of not having the smarts or skills to cut it in the 21st century? Irregardless it contradicts the hell out of itself. If you Republicans really cared about the economy or our safety, you’d stop bottom-lining future lives and make sure there is adequate opportunity for every child to be judged on their merit, not their income.

Electing a used car salesman who inherited his wealth and spews racism and sexism leads me to believe that anyone supporting this party is just afraid. That maybe if they help someone less fortunate, that person will steal their success. This attitude definitely wouldn’t have got us out of the great depression. It definitely wouldn’t have helped us after George W Bush nearly sunk the Titanic. And it isn’t going to help us fight global warming or make any of the changes we all KNOW need to happen to preserve this Earth.

So maybe, instead of being so angry all the time, Republicans should realize how good they have it, and letting others in on this so-called American Dream is the only fucking way to keep it alive.