It’s always been a bit hard to justify the over-priced, sweatshop created Nike shoes, until their latest ad. Fitting Ethan and I would pull a dual Nike swoosh jersey card (the only one in the world) just a week ago in a pack of basketball cards. Thank you, Nike, for putting Colin Kaepernick back to work.

Why is this such a big deal, though? Muhammad Ali refused to fight in Vietnam and had the Heavyweight title of the world stripped. Politics have always gone on in sports, players use their platform to raise cancer awareness, right? But when rich white men can’t sit on their fat ass for an entire Sunday without hearing about this silent form of protest – not to the soldiers, but to the goddamn police – they act like their ancestors were the ones brought over in slave ships and disenfranchised as an entire race though a bigoted country with bullshit laws… all to take away their football.

Picture it: fat Frank vegging out in a NFL coma, only to be dragged away to Africa, held as a slave, unable to ever get his family anywhere 200 years later even when they’re free because his people can’t vote, use the same schools or public washrooms, let alone have sustainable success. HOW FUCKING MUCH WOULD YOU CRY WHITEMAN??? You bitch like hell just because you can’t stand black people, you secretly despise them, and you LOVE THAT TRUMP DOES, TOO.

Well guess what morons? It’s never going to stop. And when Ali died, you all praised the hell out of his activism and how he was “more than just a boxer.” So find your balls, shut the fuck up, and take a knee with your fellow AMERICANS. Or stand complacently like the Germans who idly watched Jews get burned because “it wasn’t affecting them!”