Pavel Datsyuk. The Women’s U.S. Hockey Team. The NBA All-Star Game. The Super Bowl. All redeemed in 2018 – not to mention a plethora of recent past champs: our Grand Rapids Griffins winning the 2017 Calder Cup Championship, the Chicago Cubs & Houston Astros winning the last two World Series; LeBron hoisting Cleveland’s first trophy; and of course Peyton Manning riding off into the Super Bowl 50 sunset.

You HAVE to right wrongs in sports. I sit here surrounded by flood water, and what did my dad, brother, and I do last night? Listened to our defending champion Griffins on the radio. Then Ethan and I watched Datsyuk snarf Germany in OT to end his hockey career on top.

Last year, when Michigan beat Louisville to make the Sweet 16, I pounded my floor in celebration. Even when MSU topped them for the Final Four, I felt a sense of vindication. And now that Louisville’s 2013 Championship banner has been vacated, I declare MICHIGAN THE 2013 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Never play yourself.

That Super Bowl was fucking awesome. To shame NE once and for all with a dropped Brady TD and to let Philly beat you – wow. Felt like that Falcons collapse never happened… you can’t make this shit up!