Smart move, pimpin’

Jordan shit on his Dallas verbal agreement as Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and the whole crew descended upon his home in Houston last night to complete the deal.

Home is where the heart is…

Paul was emotional during the meeting, a source in the room told ESPN’s Chris Broussard. Paul told Jordan he had no idea he felt negatively about him and that he thought they were “brothers.” Paul said he’d work to get Jordan more involved in the offense and that the Clippers couldn’t move forward without him.

On Monday, Jordan had called Griffin and said he’d been having second thoughts about his decision over the weekend. Griffin urged him to call Rivers, who then began calling Clippers players and organizing a meeting Wednesday, in hopes of getting Jordan to change his mind before the leaguewide moratorium ended. Griffin flew to Houston on Tuesday to have dinner with Jordan, sources said.

Source: DeAndre Jordan has deal with Los Angeles Clippers, snubs Dallas Mavericks

Thank god. We can’t lose our G! THANK GOD. Here he is officially signing his new contract:

Way to come together as a team, and more importantly, a family, Clippers.