With all those penalties called against the Wolverines, it sure felt like we dropped the soap next to Sandusky!

In all seriousness, it felt like we got fucked in the ass. I’ve never seen so many flags outside of a gay pride rally.

The “Nittany” Lions (WTF?) hadn’t allowed a score against them in the opening possession all year. We fixed that. Michigan looked strong offensively, easily earning their first touchdown.

But all those flags kept making it an uphill battle. Meanwhile, the Pervs couldn’t do shit; they ran once over 50 yards (and were held to a field goal), otherwise, a blocked punt produced their lone 1st half touchdown.

We trailed 10-7 before punching in a TD just before halftime.

The flags continued to rain in the 2nd half – so many yellow flags, you’d have thought the refs were celebrating U of M’s colors. Instead, it was “offsides” every other play.

This theme outraged Jim Harbaugh and allowed Perve State to stay within striking distance. After taking a 21-10 lead, the Cowardly Lions (benefiting from a flag or two…) advanced down to our red zone.

Credit our defense for more incredible goal line performances. Twice in the 2nd half, on 1st and goal, we limited them to the field goal. The latter in a crucial juncture midway through the 4th quarter.

Now 21-16, the ensuing kickoff might have been the play of the game: our returner entered “He-Cannot-Be-Stopped” mode, maybe breaking five defenders until gravity took him down past midfield. An incredible effort that led to a 28-16 Wolverines lead.

Out of timeouts, the Perves turned it over on downs at the four minute mark. The Wolverines ran out the clock and took a knee for the victory.