These are my dad’s two favorite teams: the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions. The winner – the team best wearing the legendary silver.

For the first half, the Honolulu Blue clearly complemented it best. There was nothing going for Oakland offensively. Detroit, on the other hand, marched down on their first drive to kick in a field goal.

However, the Lions weren’t finishing. It was 9-0 at halftime, but we should have scored at least one touchdown. Here’s the problem: we stopped mixing in the run. How effective were Ameer (Wind), Theo (Earth), and Joique (Fire)? COME ON!!

Personally, everyone is just so pass happy, it’s ignorant as hell. How many drives stalled without the flow? No rhythm, no balance, no unpredictability. Everyone in today’s NFL simply abandons the run the minute it doesn’t give you a big gain anymore. Foolish.

The Raiders weren’t going to lay down. We had to beat them. After that 1st half shutout, Derek Carr took the kickoff 80 yards in 10 plays, and just like that, it’s 9-7. We were playing uninspired, unorganized, shitty offense.

And Oakland kept coming. They tacked on two more 3rd quarter field goals to lead 13-9. After another rough series, Matthew Stafford looked pissed as hell. Apparently, being sacked is no fun. Go figure!

Instead of sucking it up for the 4th, we easily could have laid down. INSTEAD, Stafford put another legendary drive and etched it in Lions lore.

First, on a crucial 3rd down near midfield, a nearly-sacked Stafford shovel passed to Riddick for the 1st down. Then, #9 took it into his own hands. On two straight scrambles, he reached the end zone for the score! The first was a decisive, long run down the sideline to the five, where he called his own number right up the middle for the touchdown!

With our offensive line often not doing it’s job, Staff Sauce might have to be a little quicker with his decision making. You can’t pussy-foot in the pocket – throw it or get the fuck out.

At one point in the 4th, Detroit had Oakland backed up inside their own five-yard line. We had a d-lineman coming around the corner, but he was tackled in the end zone; that equals a safety! Everyone in the stands knew it.

But, we got screwed, as the call was ruled at the one-yard line (Lame). Nonetheless, we stuffed them on the next down, and then when Carr dropped back again, the Raiders tackled Ziggy Ansah clearly in the end zone for the safety!

(Somewhere, Rasheed Wallace be like, “BALL DON’T LIE!”)

Those were two crucial points at a critical juncture of the contest.

Now 18-13, once Oakland gave the ball back to Detroit, we worked a textbook drive to end the game and earn the knee. ‘Twas reminiscent of Saturday’s Wolverines win, for sure.

How clutch were Bell and the other backs down the stretch? How in the hell are we dead last in the NFL in rushing with a stacked backfield?

Jim Bob Cooter: it’s on you. Martha Ford ain’t playin’ no games.