Can you imagine March without madness? What if every year, the NCAA only allowed the four #1 seeds to play in the tourney. It would be soooo boring. Yet, since college football BEGAN, we’ve tolerated an inept system that doesn’t provide a playoff.

I have been looking through old Michigan years; apparently, if you didn’t make the Rose Bowl for about 50 years, you DIDN’T GET A BOWL. Now, if you tie your conference, unlike the Texas-Oklahoma rematch, the Big Ten is divided by two divisions, often which are very unfair.

Michigan plays Florida in the Peach Bowl. UCF (Bama’s nightmare) still sits at home, watching four boring teams compete for the same title they do every year. Imagine North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky EVERY FUCKING YEAR. Wow, we hate you Clemson! Notre Dame!! Oklahoma!!! AND ALABAMA!!!!!

Ohio State, who I hate, was robbed of a birth. So was undefeated UCF. Washington. And maybe, just maybe – Michigan, as the #8 team if this was a genuine 3 round affair. Instead, stick to basketball: a sport with balls.