Well, unfortunately, your boy Young $narf was right: when the leader of the free world uses racist, homophobic, and hurtful language, not only does it enable the evil lurking (down south, much?), it promotes the type of behavior that can only end one way: in violence & ultimately death, as seen in Charlottesville, Virgina this month.

Donald Drumpf scared the living shit out of me when he banned transgenders (or said he’d try to) from our military. That means the man knows no bounds – these are the men and women of our military, but he’s unable to even respect their sacrifice to this great nation. Which is why, unless you don’t value life or freedom, you must join me and others in our rallying cry to end this crisis via impeachment.

I didn’t write a single article since July’s Russia-Trump timeline. It was relatively easy in one day to uncover levels of fraud so deep Robert Mueller certainly is taking his time for a reason. We don’t get it, but this is a test to the foundation of the democracy: either Trump wins, Russia wins, and the USA dies; or we march the streets peacefully until we take our fucking country back. (The one that was kicking ass just two one year ago under a real leader, OBAMA.)

I don’t want to get angry. But I want you to feel my soul: feel the love driving my ship, for this is not fear based. Part of the reason I didn’t write for weeks was because my feelings right now were very confused about a certain partner. I tried to harbor hate, rage, you name it. But for ten years (almost!) I’ve had to live with these metal screws in my foot. They keep my life moving, and the pain of holding onto any ill will tore my body up.

I RANT ABOUT LOVE b/c you don’t beat the Donald with anything else. It’s the driving force that perpetuates this entire universe, motivation doesn’t exist without it. So as we finish the summer, remember yesterday’s awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping eclipse: the ring of fire from our sun silhouetting the great white moon in humbling fashion. Life is bigger than all of us. We NEED each other. And the second we stop listening, the second we turn our backs on a Hillary Clinton – we lose all power. We lose ourselves, and the spirit, the SOUL POWER, is no more.

So who do you love, America? I ask you this today, as school nears it’s beginning, as hopefully Mueller begins to conclude his investigation. Sure, we hate Donald – but only out of real LOVE for this great nation.