The NY Times busted Donald Trump Jr. for orchestrating a meeting with Russia during his dad’s campaign last summer, and it feels like only a matter of time before we connect all the dots.

The outright boldness of the lie is where we begin. Trump wants you to think he’s a joke (remember South Park warning us?), when in reality, he’s calculated this entire takeover like any oldschool dictator would. You can’t behave so treasonous without a GIANT lie to cover it up, which is why he acts like such a buffoon, literally looking like one, too.

It starts with Hillary Clinton – still, somehow. Vladimir Putin & Russia were and are so afraid of this tough woman that they were willing to sabotage her inevitable election. They hacked into machines, spread fake news in doses of millions of online views to paint her as some kind of evil person, when in fact, REAL news existed for over 30 years about what an awful human being Drumpf is! And 40% of the country didn’t vote.

So now, after clearly rigging a vote total he lost by like three million, HE ATTACKS vote fraud (which is nonexistent in terms of United States citizens emulating false identities, proven time and time again). He still, as do his supporters, name drop Clinton every time they are faced with their own questions. And many, many Americans think their President is up to something, but far less know what.

You know when I first got a computer as a kid, it was for education. My grandma bought it and we didn’t endlessly entertain ourselves, we actually used it like a library or a tool. So do the same, slack-jaws! I know many of my readers know what’s up, but it’d be great, those of you who don’t, if you did some of your own research. And don’t blindly believe a fucking YouTube video… check several sources until you can understand it for yourself.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this. I have no doubt it all starts with the money, where Trump can only get loans from banks in Russia with all his history of bankruptcy here. So why would our enemy cater to him? What do they have on him in those taxes he refused to release? It’s not cool to just sit back while a tyrant ruins your democracy, snarfs. Wasn’t for Hitler, wasn’t for Richard Nixon, and for damn sure isn’t for this orange ass clown.