Detroit cannot keep repeating the same juvenile habits that have crippled us in seasons past.

I’m LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU, BRAD AUSMUS. DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB. Stop depending on spread sheets, matchups, and absurd statistics to make every basic decision for you. You’ve had enough time to acclimate to being manager, and you must find your balls for us to win.

You are simply creating an atmosphere of apathy. We have too much talent for you to sit there like a bench coach with your hands in your pocket: what, did you study some film from Jim Leyland just doing nothing?

The way to manage pitchers is not from endless righty/lefty matchups: it’s from developing a feel for the human beings themselves and knowing exactly when to best use each player. You are failing at epic proportions, Brad. I cannot think of another team with this many great players in the HISTORY OF SPORTS to not win a championship.

It is all on you. ALL OF IT. NO ONE ELSE. Not the players, not the city, not the fans: you Brad. It is YOUR SHOW, YOU ARE CALLING THE SHOTS. If you don’t direct these Gs, they’ll keep swinging for the fences, failing to play small ball, and squandering a team capable of winning the World Series. And I will be here to keep the fire on your ass until it’s over…