SO: it’s happened. Cleveland and the Cubs will vie for the top spot in baseball, the World Series crown that has alluded both cities since the 1940’s – Chicago hadn’t even made the World Series before tonight since 1945, and the Indians’ last title came in 1948. It’s been 108 years since the north side of the Windy City won it all – and I think it’s ok to be happy for them, even if you aren’t a die-hard Cubs fan.

You see, our country is at a crossroads right now, where optimism is consistently belittled from bullies who say sports doesn’t matter, politics don’t matter: we get cynical, focus on the bad, and too often give up right before the finish line. That is why everyone is so happy for the Cubs: despite letting their city down for over one hundred seasons, they pack every Opening Day at Wrigley Field like it’s Rookie of the Year, an eternally hopeful fanbase in the most iconic ballpark in the world. And this year, facing insurmountable deficits, they seemed to have the magic that’s always alluded them, whether it was the clincher in San Fran to take the series with four runs in the 9th inning or the grand slam to open up the Dodgers series at home in a tie game.

So, congratulations to the city of Chicago and even to Cleveland, who we rooted for as kids when they weren’t playing the Tigers. I don’t think the 27-time champion Yankees or 11-time winners St. Louis can ever appreciate what these franchises have been through. We can in Detroit as Lions fans, and our Tigers haven’t won in my lifetime. This postseason is a testament to perseverance, that it’s ok to keep having fun at Wrigley Field win or lose. Because when you finally win, and you do it the right way (Hillary!), it couldn’t be more satisfying.