This is going to kill us if it continues, Detroit. There is nothing more painful than nearly reaching your goal – not sucking entirely, not being bounced in the first round. No, the worst possible thing is to know your good enough and fall just shy of even competing in the postseason.

Let it sting. Let it BURN. Let it torment you not only for October, watching the Red Sox, Indians, Rangers, and every other suck ass team you knew the Tigers were better than compete to win the World Series. And one of them will. I guess watching inferior division mate Kansas City win it all before Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander do didn’t matter. But also, enjoy the offseason, when you realize it’ll take six months off then six months of day-to-day work to even be in the position we held this weekend.

After Friday’s losses to other wild card teams, all we had to do was win and we were in. Win the series. Win against Cleveland Monday. And win the playoff. Instead, not only did we let a 60-win Atlanta team take the series, we also got shutout in our final game of the year ONE TO ZERO. WHAT THE FUCK?

But WE WARNED YOU. After 2014 when Brad botched the Baltimore series. After 2015’s embarrassment. He will remain unassertive, leading us at best 90% of the way before he mismanages us into oblivion. At least a dozen games were winnable that he alone let slip by.

We went down just like we did all season: striking out and failing to manufacture a run while squandering amazing starts from Verlander.