No matter who wins tonight, specifically in the late night Alabama-MSU game, one city is going to be lit on fire.

This is a complete disaster waiting to happen. Because the money wizards at the college Hell factory know we’ll be home watching TV, they arranged for two games today.

Four o’clock is ok, because even though it’s directly in the way of chilling and reflecting on 2015, it’ll at least be over by the time night comes.

And you know MSU goes nucking futs win or lose! So this is terrible!! College kids are very emotional, when Michigan lost early in 2008, it was such a drunk night that’s when my heel bone broke.

We’re only 19-22 and you think we can handle the swing of that game?

And what choice do we have? So if you lose, two of the top four teams in the country don’t make it to 2016 – unlike Michigan and many other teams.

The money machine is raping our sports hearts tonight, and we still have to try and beat Alabama. Just know: this is fucked.