“The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday, “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

Source: Syrian refugees not welcome in 27 U.S. states – CNN.com

This is classic fear > love; at the end of the day, that will never work… and they’re right: either we stand up for freedom, or we’re hypocrites.

We are all one earth, and we’ll either rise or fall together in the end. 11 million of 22 million total people in Syria are displaced, struggling to find a home in Europe. This is perfect for us to help! We’re on the other side of the world for christ’s sake. How can we turn our back on a fellow country?


And I think we need a history lesson. This is 9/11 all over again. If we jump to conclusions and battle them like WW2 on the ground, we’ll just create future ISIS! That’s how they were formed in the first place. You don’t go pulling a Vietnam and wasting all your resources on someone else’s soil.

For W. Bush, he lied and sent us to Iraq, only to discover Al-Qaeda, not Saddam Hussein, knocked down the towers. Paris is just as bad, but we didn’t even lose the masses we did in New York City. The key is not to panic down the road of war and hate and instead continue calculated strikes. Obama did what W. could not for his entire eight year term: catch the man (bin Laden) responsible for the terrorist attacks on NYC. How’d he do it? The same way he’s fighting ISIS now.

We’re damn lucky to still be in his hands. He’s right: you don’t want to shoot first and aim later. This isn’t the wild west! Calm the fuck down, southerners. How did ISIS form in the first place? By jumping into a land war with Iraq that wasn’t necessary, dumping all our weapons behind when we left, and then ISIS swooped them all up and started this horror show.

If you don’t want history to repeat itself, don’t get all war-gung ho and do something really dumb.