drink_up_downtownlogolargeAka, keep drinking Tigers fans. Here’s what to root against in the postseason:

#1 The Royals – The undeserving AL champs shot their wad on a lucky ass run to the pennant despite being extremely unqualified. THEY ARE NOT THAT GOOD, WE KNOW. They tried to keep that bullshit rah-rah going into this year, and had a second half collapse. Look for them to get swept like they were able to do to an overcocky Angels team last year.

#2 The Yankees — Unless you’re really evil or from New York, FUCK THE YANKEES, right? And Derek Jeter’s gone, so there’s no love lost. And we have to take down Roid-Rod, who’s been paraded back in our faces (seriously, WTF, ESPYs?) despite being a proven cheater. The Patriots will be rooting for them.

#3 The NL – Thank god, there’s no Giants. CIG A G? CIG A G? The only teams a G can’t hate are: Blue Jays? Pirates? Cubs – ok maybe. Mets?

These are the top three teams I’m rooting for:

1. Mets
2. Cubs
3. Not the Royals

Enjoy the shitseason, snarfs! AND STAY HYDRATED OUT THERE!!