For the first 22 outs at Comerica Park, the illustrious Anibal Sanchez threw a no-hitter. I could burst into tears right now remembering the hope and excitement that he gave us, bulding in the later innings.

You could tell he was tiring in the 8th, having already walked the leadoff snarf. Over 100 pitches, a laboring G finally surrendered a base hit to gay ass’es snarfington general. If that sentences needs a translation – suck it.

SO, naturally, after a standing ovation for Sanchize, Brad left him too late, letting the bases get loaded in a natural stopping point – but instead leaving him in to give up a base hit RBI. STANDING OVATION.

The Tigers led 8-0 in this game, but the Toronto Blue Jays stormed back to score six in the 8th. Alex Wilson let his guard down.

Nonetheless, those eight runs were earned (albeit, unearned), and withstood the rally to complete an incredible Friday night on the 4th of July Eve.

-Love the new lineup, Cespedes 2nd and such
-Great to have Avila back, a no hitter when he returned was no coincidence
-We send our love to Miguel Cabrera and his injury, he left the game after pulling up lame running the bases