This article was going in the general direction of balls and strikes until Miguel Cabrera gave us the moment of the year.

In a 7-1 blowout, Cabrera was talking to an Indians child-fan in the stands. This kid caught a foul ball with his hat, and boy was he ecstatic. Snarfenheim pointed right at Big Cat mouthing, “I got your back! I got your back!” before straightening his cap and shooting him the look – WOW. Cabrera received the swagger with duty, pounding his chest to the youngster and then walking over to the G between innings. Our Tiger handed him a bat, balls, and gloves.

I had been keeping track of how many pitches we took each inning, and I found myself unable to keep track while we batted. Tears filled my eyes as I soaked in the moment, almost feeling like both an awestruck kid and a proud older fan. Do you realize how special Cabrera is? It put into perspective my intention of vilifying our boy for swinging so freely – that has it’s place, but nowhere near one as important as this.