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PAT CAPUTO: Reality sets in that Detroit Tigers are not quite as good as advertised –

No one should ever read this snarf.

The Tigers and Indians might be tied, and we might want to step it up, but in no way are we “not as good as advertised.”

Fuck this dude.

This really sucks coming from a local paper. He blames the starting rotation for not “living up.” Seriously? In a year where Max Scherzer is 12-0, Doug Fister has a 3.50 ERA, Justin Verlander is still at the top of the game, and Anibal Sanchez is killing it…

Talk about kicking us when we are down. Just because Sanchez is on the DL and we hit a rough patch, you dog our starting pitching? Rick Porcello is pretty good for our fifth guy.

You are a clueless clown who should put down the pen. How the hell were we “methodically” beaten by the Rays? We left so many snarfs on base. Do you think it was common for us to load the bases with no outs and not score? This disrespect is atrocious. We have held the Rays to four runs or less in 17 straight match ups, which seems more methodical to me.

Do you realize how strong the rotation has been? They have a top ten ERA, they have the most K’s, and Detroit’s starting pitchers recorded 203 strikeouts in May, the third-highest total in a single month by a major league rotation since 1900 (ESPN.)

This is classic whiny fandom. Some people just don’t understand baseball. It is a long season. 

Junior Boy: go check the starter’s stats.,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0 (for those who don’t want to, we are #1).

We still lead the league in overall starter performance and have four guys in the top 13:

We just need a closer and to keep improving at playing NL style: with defense and small ball. We made a drastic stride adding Torii Hunter. Victor Martinez is healthy and can also bat from the left side of the plate. Our relievers are still 5th overall,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0. Don Kelly (another snarf who hits from the left, which does not necessarily mean you have to be left-handed) who you also hated on, is batting .421 with RISP this season. Brayan Pena (left) is hitting .298 filling in for Alex Avila (left). So you see, this guy really has no idea what he is talking about.

Not as good as advertised? Far from it.

Tigers are the second highest scoring team in the league at 5.0 runs per game.
Tigers lead the league in hits with 9.9 per game.
Tigers have the third-most base on balls in the league at 3.6 per game.
Tigers are second best in K’s per game with 6.6.
Tigers lead the league in K’s with 9.4 per game.

via MLB Baseball Betting Matchup – DET at TB.

I understand being a fan, caring, and wanting them to win. But point out the actual areas (leaving guys on base & a closer) where they need to improve without bringing a mostly complete team into it. Patience is always that virtue.

(And congrats to Cleveland for beating the White Sox. Real accomplishment there, boys. The A’s and O’s have way more talent. We won the division last year because we earned it, beating our division 8 out of the final 10 games to end the season. Take that!)

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  1. Young $narf Young $narf
    July 1, 2013    

    This is what I commented on his article:

    Our bullpen is not decidedly mediocre, we have one hole at closer. Smyly mediocre season? Benoit? Once again, do some research if you are penning a column. The relievers have the 5th overall ranked WAR in all of MLB. You should really respect the upgrades we have in Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez, who was hurt last year. Spreading paranoia doesn’t educate anyone about baseball, which is a very long season.

  2. old school old school
    July 1, 2013    

    ………………………… sounds like pat caputo lost some money and our payoff is sour grapes…………try and remember we got it for the Tigers and nobody else!

  3. Young $narf Young $narf
    July 2, 2013    

    “…you snarfs are up and down like the stock exchange, ride out the roll-coaster that is a 162 game year. Why are we worried about them? Purely based on losses, not on performance. Get real, we have great players, a great city, a great manager, and we have made improvements from a team that made the World Series! SHUT UP!!”

    -on that snarfs site today lol

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