Simply disgusted by the overall state of this world right now. It’s like human decency is dead. If we don’t all slow down RIGHT NOW AND WAKE THE FUCK UP – all your shitty zombie movies will become a reality.

“Comfortably Numb,” the famous Pink Floyd song echoes in my brain constantly throughout the day as I see Trump’s comments and people’s responses to them. And I think it’s all sexually related.

Love is dead. We’re like fucking robots fueling up at the porn station, then running out into the world with these harmful vibrations controlling (basically blocking) our emotions.

People who care about each other and ultimately agree on subjects are unable to communicate with one another without yelling. It still stuns me, how instead of focusing on our President’s behavior, ignorant America can give a fuck about Hillary Clinton – “Well, how would’ve she been better?”



I had a friend march on Saturday in New York, and when I wake up & she’s back, people are attacking her. ‘Well what about men’s rights?” WHAT ABOUT MEN’S RIGHTS?

Can we just separate the Trump garbage from reality for one second? THIS IS NOT OK! Like the Eminem song I posted, THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE.

Progress on climate change is being rolled back. College rates aren’t decreasing. Good people, hard-working Americans are being deported. He’s openly insulting and neglecting poor countries. And raising our taxes…

Not gonna just keep taking shit from older generations. WE (people under 40) are the ones voting Democrat and defeating assholes in Alabama. WE’RE the ones championing LGBT rights. WE’RE also being influenced too much by the internet, so allow me to bring this article full circle.

You need to remember WHO YOU ARE. What do YOU stand for as a man or woman? Not what everyone else thinks. And definitely not what Drumpf lies to you.

That “shit-hole” line really touched a nerve. That’s fucking racism, bro. We caught ya. If we don’t impeach your ass for Russia, this is just another reason to take a knee, for me.