Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions would not be bullied into submission by their former division rival the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Instead, they forced five turnovers, Stafford with taped fingers barely threw an incompletion, and Matt Prater drained the game-winning field goal in Florida’s face with almost no time left.

Florida can suck our Michigan dick. Sick and tired of the south assuming they’re better than us – the arrogant smugness wreaked on Jameis “sweat-a-saurus” Winston, who really looked awful. One theme I’ve noticed watching an insanely large amount of games this season is just how poor the ball management is.

Teams neglect the run. They always go deep. They fail to pick-up first downs consistently. They don’t accept field goals. They go for fumbles not tackles. And ultimately, they value the pass over sound defense, which leads to untimely 4th quarter losses (see: Baltimore, LA Rams). So today I do credit Jim Caldwell for not fucking up, and instead, holding Tampa accountable for their miscues.

Next week we must not throw interceptions or fumble in our opponents’ territory. We finally came out right. And let it be known – #9 isn’t done yet.

Fucking Lions.