Shot #1 – Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, was forced to resign in late August when more and more reports began to surface of his connections with Ukraine.

Shot #2 – Jared Kushner: joined Manafort and Jr. in now infamous Russia meeting on Hillary

Shot #3 – Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State – who was personally given Russia’s Order of Friendship medal in 2013, the highest honor bestowed on foreign citizens

Shot #4 – Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor resigned in February “had mischaracterized his December conversation with the Russian ambassador, and that it made him vulnerable to Russian blackmail.”

Shot #5 – Donald Trump Jr. was busted by the NY Times for the Russia meeting last summer. Jr. didn’t deny the report: HE RELEASED ALL OF THIS INFORMATION HIMSELF VIA HIS OWN E-MAILS FROM LAST YEAR!

[Editor’s note: I needed two shots for that one before playing “The Lion King – I Just Can’t Wait To Be King!”

Shots #7 & 8 [THESE ARE ALL DOUBLES NOW] – Vladdy Putin. Drumpf had a second private meeting with the sadistic dictator at the G20 summit and didn’t disclose it until he was forced to more than 10 days later… [THOSE SHOTS BECAME 4, BECA– USE THIS IS INSANE!!]

Shots #11-15 – Donald Trump: GO FUCK YOURSELF