Sorry, Warriors fans, but you were wrong: your Kevin Durant-Fantasy Basketball team still sucks, getting blown out by 30 points at home in the NBA season opener. Because, you have never learned how to play defense. You sacrificed crucial pieces of your team: Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut, Leandro Barbosa, Marreese Speights, Festus Ezeli, all of which rounded out the likes of Curry, Klay, and a hodgepodge of specialists. I wouldn’t be surprised, now that they’ve already been dethroned, if Golden State crumbles amid expectations.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, LeBron James & co. were officially “kinged” with their championship rings, an emotional home opener that watched the banner rise to the rafters. And in their nearby baseball stadium, they shutout the Chicago Cubs in game one of a must see World Series 6-0. One player and one city are moving in one direction, while the team that choked up 3-1 with the best regular season record of all-time is going downhill.

Look, they needed that depth to be able to dance around the perimeter for such long spurts; someone has to come in and play defense. It is a crime the way we are worshiping all these missed shots, when the game is meant to be played with opponents actually guarding one another. James and the Miami Heat weren’t just some collaboration of scorers: each of them could buckle down on defense, something Erik Spoelstra preached. Instead of learning from their Finals collapse which rendered them unable to stop the Cavaliers, they doubled down on another me-first, injury prone prima donna in Durant.

I can’t wait to watch a bunch of worn out record-chasers let down their bandwagon. They are only going to get worse, once injuries start to take their toll, they get tired, and the lack of depth hurts them further. Remember, this team started last season 24-0 and 38-0 at home, and now sit at 0-1 in each category. Think it’s starting to sink in that they lost the Finals? I know it is for Cleveland.