I slept in quite late, yet it was only halftime. I quickly learned Michigan led 24-21 despite trailing 14-0 to begin the game.

They took the second half possession and soon scored on a deep pass, leading 28-24. That would be the last time we allowed them to score.

Game MVP Jabrill Peppers returned the ensuing kick past midfield. A sideline run gave us the lead back for good. Peppers continued to shine on both defense and special teams. We knocked their QB out of the game and decimated the incumbent.

Peppers took a punt 54-yards to the house to put us up 45-28 for the final score. Our QB was struggling since that initial hit to his shoulder, and the running game plus the defense and special teams equaled a close win against a Colorado team Michigan fans were all too familiar with having upset them…

It’s the tune up you want though before Big Ten play. It’s four quarters of blocking and tackling, best team wins. Any given Saturday/Sunday, right?