Not sure where to begin. While I bitterly look back at a game the Whitecaps deserved to win, robbed of every close play all night long, I can’t help but feel a mix of incredible fondness for what just happened plus a yearning for next season.

To me, going into 5/3 ballpark was the validation, to know we hadn’t missed a step after so many seasons of infrequent visitation. You see, not only am I a real writer now, but I also have loved these ‘Caps since I was a kid, and to combine the nostalgia with our new home right across the river – literally the closest house to the ‘Caps in existence – has been nothing short of a dream come true.

I miss the smells already. I meant to drink more $2 beer, I meant to eat more concession food, especially those buffalo chicken sticks… but I guess that will have to wait for next season.

Thank you, Mr. Wells & West Michigan for welcoming a snarf back so nicely. I got to see country music night upon my return in a big win, met Mickey Lolich after standing in line through rain, ran into Wells, my old math teacher and on-field juggernaut of an announcer (I can hear him in my room now!) and got to catch up with him. Oldschool and I witnessed Harry Potter night! And I saw us play in three playoff thrillers, including a walk-off in the rain, an electric victory last night, and a near no-hitter in the loss.

It feels so fine to be back. And since I’m not going anywhere, I can tell I’ll be having fun for years to come. See you in the spring.