Often, tennis is overlooked on this site, because, let’s face it: outside of Andy Murray & the Williams sisters, no one has any personality.

Both Serena and Andy keep making recent finals and falling just short. I had a feeling this could be their tournament going in, and now with Federer and Jokester eliminated and Serena the Wimbledon champion, only one thing is left: WIN MURRAY ANOTHER.

Serena is so graceful and classy but kind of young at heart, after winning the doubles tournament title with her sister later on Saturday she admitted she defers to the older sister when they double up. Now, she’s obviously the best of all-time, but she seemed kind of shook finishing her Grand Slam last season, and as a real fan of hers, I’m happy she’s over-the-hump, so to speak. She tied Steffi Graf’s record and reminded herself how amazing she truly is.

For Murray, you have so much heart and personality. When you lost a few years ago in the final, you captured our hearts with such an elegant speech in 2nd place. And low and behold – you won the gold medal that same year in London, took the U.S. Open, & eventually made it back to Wimbledon and won the evasive championship for Great Britain.

I remember you said LeBron James and the way he kept at it, despite also being a frequent runner-up, was a true inspiration to you. Like James, you’re now a seasoned veteran who knows he can win it: SO GO GET IT. Did you see the way he took what was his, knowing, down 3-1, he was still unstoppable? KNOW THIS IS YOURS.