It all is starting to make more sense to me. We’re in the PC-era of sports: like in south park, the politically correct machine has become the offensive, no-defense allowed mantra. We can’t hit in football, check you in basketball, or seem to appreciate small ball in baseball, allowing every sport to be sensationalized. And ironically, in hockey, where there’s the most speed, we’re not trying to promote that, instead letting thuggery rule the NHL.

Let’s first focus on basketball, where the Warriors might be the single biggest threat to the sport we’ve ever seen. Kids nowadays are brainwashed to think jacking up never ending 3’s in fun. It’s not. Whatever is the most free-flowing is best – cheating to allow fake flow does not equal entertainment. We all played this game in our backyard, and too many rules disingenuizes the nature of the sport.

Here’s what Charles Barkley claimed about the Golden State Faggots:

…a new [era] of the NBA with teams showing preference for three-pointers and faster pace offenses. The grind it out, physical style of basketball that was prevalent in the late ’80s and ’90s, no longer works nor allowed as the NBA has changed their rules to create a more free flowing game. {**COUGH FAKE COUGH**}

However if the rules were never changed, Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley believes that the Warriors would be constantly roughed up and wouldn’t be as good as they are today.  When you see Golden State, how would they play 25 years ago?

Barkley: We would have just mauled them. You’re not gonna let guys come off those picks. They changed the rules—it’s kind of like the NFL where you can’t touch the wide receiver. The defense is at a disadvantage, all these cornerbacks in the NFL are really at a disadvantage. And a guy like [Curry], you can’t put your hands on him, you can’t hand-check him. It’s a totally different game.

Source: Barkley rightly says NBA would’ve ‘mauled’ Warriors 25 years ago –

He’s dead on. I’m just kind of bored with basketball right now: nothing but 3’s. And football feels the same way, no one gets the run game anymore. Those are major flaws that need addressing in the two sports. Or we won’t want to watch.