John Mulaney is a man who cannot control his swag. That means, his swagger is out of control. (People don’t understand this is the highest of compliments!)

After kind of being shit on with the canceling of his show, Mulaney, our boy storms back to the stage to deliver an improved upon performance, which is saying something already. He’s married now, and he seemed a little edgier and sharper.

Mulaney is way too smart for network TV. Fox wants to troll out the same garbage fat people will inhale from 8-10 before going back to their fat lives. His show was hilarious, featured a diverse, ensemble cast, and was revolutionary with the theatre-like atmosphere.

He captured that same delicacy in his stand-up, rocking the G blue suit (always dressing dapper), and providing a beautiful opening montage of Chicago’s skyline at night. He really respected the theatre, with opera music playing in the closing and beginning credits, while still keeping it quite real for sixty minutes.

I laughed historically

Can't Touch This

Can’t Touch This

at the Comeback kid! You know what it is!