That’s a Detroit stake that the Pistons just drove through the hearts of every Bulls fan and the city of Chicago. Pow!

Once again, ugly. And that’s just the way we like it. Screw the 3. Fuck glamorous basketball. Give us that defense!

These are the types of games we’d lost in seasons past when our shots weren’t falling. Instead, the lead stays close, even when we’re struggling. Detroit stormed out of the gate to stun the Bulls early, forcing a Chicago timeout. We look like a team that’s establishing an identity.

However, midway through the first, we went ice cold. From the time we scored 19 fast points onto the end of the first half, nothing would drop. The Bulls may have pulled away, again, in seasons past. But all they mustered was a four point lead at halftime, keeping us within striking distance.

Also, now that our coach is capable, we’re making strong adjustments at the break. We’ve come out banging in every third quarter so far, and we replicated the feat Friday night.

Our offense found a rhythm and we took control of the game, much like against Utah. Marcus Morris led the way with 15 in the 3rd alone. Forcing a Bulls timeout, Detroit had the game in hand. Then, too much one-on-one let Chicago tie by quarter’s end.

We will learn as the season progresses how to best utilize each other. There’s no lack of chemistry, just a lack of actual time together on the court. Ball flow becomes stagnant when we all just watch someone dribble. First of all, we start with the big man. You give it to Andre Drummond, and either he gets a close basket, or he kicks it back out, possibly creating separation. If someone isn’t touching the rock, set a screen, run around, MOVE. The more you stand still, the easier the defender’s job. Think “Rip” Hamilton.

This game was so gritty, it came down to the wire. Down a few baskets halfway through the 4th, we were certainly nervous. Nonetheless, our guys came through and kept it close enough to force overtime.

That’s when we really made me proud. Detroit shot out of regulation like a cannon, scoring the first seven points in OT to practically seal the deal. After Anthony Tolliver drained a three, Drummond threw down a vicious dunk to maintain the lead. It all came down to free throws, where the Pistons pulled away for a four-point win.

Suffice to say, Central Division: we ain’t going no where.