Stop sucking.

And I’ll admit, I’ve never understood leaving a game early. It took all that work to get there, all the money to get in, it’s supposed to be your favorite team… and he’s right about that, we’re supposed to either sink or swim together.

But suck it up, Golden: we didn’t lose 42-17.

Like Howie Long said, Matthew Stafford is one of the greatest QBs in the game. We already fucked him up this year with more hard hits, continuing last seasons awful trend. Every game our defense is holding on early to open a window and we keep stalling drives.

Didn’t it look pretty fluid how we came out balancing the run and pass? But after leading 7-0, we panicked as soon as they took the lead. I’ll say it again: when we don’t think, like in two-minute drills or no-huddle offense, we excel. But our OC cannot handle the pressure or regular, boring football. He struggles to maintain medium pickups that sustain drives, and doesn’t seem to utilize Stafford’s youth and athleticism.

This is absolutely no different than the Tigers and exactly what I warned about after week one. It’s a squandering of immense talent that is repeating itself with poor play calling over and over. SO WE ARE THE INSANE ONES, for we keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

DETROIT: pour that booing energy into getting us some new coaches.