Both teams from Oregon came to visit the state of Michigan last Saturday. And both went home packing.

The Ducks and Spartans were the matinee, a battle of top ten teams. It didn’t disappoint. The Michigan State squad avenged last year’s loss in Oregon by beating the team sans Marcus Mariota. The Ducks nearly came back, but luckily, the Spartan running back secured the victory.

Michigan crushed Oregon State 35-7. They rode their back #4 for over 100 yards and multiple scores despite starting the game down 7-0. We got a turnover and never looked back.

On October 17th, it’s going to be a clash of two titans.

Harbaugh is getting the Wolverines in gear, albeit with not the class the Spartans have. When I watched them struggle in the 4th, I was hard on them because they’re a true contender, and we’re on the same side: it’s us vs. Ohio State & Wisconsin.

It’s all about sticking to the run. Just like with the Lions. Why didn’t D’Antoni just keep riding his running back after that impressive drive? Harbaugh has the hard jaw and Mike the stone face – so who can sacrifice the ego?