I woke up with the game knotted at one, 3rd period about to begin. It was only 9:00 AM in the United States.

Russia has a power play out of the gate, but they don’t get many shots on goal. The Americans kill it, then commit another penalty shortly after. Russia again fails to take many shots, ending the penalty.

Later in the period, the U.S. found the back of the net to take the lead on their own power play.

How crazy are the Olympics? I had to watch the star of my Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk tie the game on a slap shot past Jonathon Quick. Ouch. It was his second goal of the game.

The game stayed tied as regulation came to a close. Another five minutes in overtime failed to produce a goal, so just like in the NHL, we headed for a shootout.

“The Kid” led off for U.S.A., scoring. The three snarfs up for Russia?





Quick stopped the first two, but Kovalchuk tied it. This is where it gets tricky: after three shots each, the teams can send out the same guy to shoot every time, if they choose.

We did.

First, Quick had to face Kovalchuk again, whom he blocked. After we missed, Datsyuk did not, scaring every one watching the game.

“The Kid” Oshie stepped up and scored, keeping the shootout alive.

Back up: Kovalchuk. Goal. To be honest, I was so into the game I forgot we had to face elimination twice.

Oshie scored again for the tie.

Datsyuk and The Kid both missed in round seven.

Up one more time, Kovalchuk missed on the next shot. OSHIE DID NOT!

“The Kid” scored four goals in six shootout tries, giving the Americans another improbable win over Russia. Even though the final score said 3-2, it felt more like 6-5.