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Winning & Losing

As I sit watching the Tigers, I realize how little I’ve learned in 2+ weeks moving into this new house. You see, we didn’t watch TV at all until this past Tuesday. And in those two weeks, oldschool and I felt a vacation-like peace emanating all around us. We watched the Grand River flow, listened […]


Struggling with Small Ball

So, our Detroit Tigers are on pace to score a record amount of their runs via the home run – but is this necessarily a good thing? I miss the manufacturing of runs, bunts with guys on base, sacrifice flies with snarfs on 3rd and less than two outs… if we mixed it up more […]

Hour of Darkness

Just finished season four of “Orange Is the New Black,” and with a full moon in the sky and Melania Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008 – you would think we were all turning into monsters. How else can you describe the tyranny in this mad world? While the show is partly fictional, it’s […]

Tigers Midseason Report

Tigers Midseason Report

#1 Fire Brad immediately. No more time to waste, if you witnessed me and oldschool, especially myself, suffering and slowly but surely melting like a candle – you’d think we were insane. But we love our team and I find myself unable to stop liking these fantastic players. Therefore, unless you also enjoy the false […]



Perhaps, tonight, with a 7-2 hole looking them square in the face, did the Tigers save their season? Oldschool and I started out feeling optimistic. But our 3-2 counts = nothing, for we forbid the walk in favor of the swing, to no avail. In the end, I pouted and walked off, desperate to regain […]

The Lost City of Detroit

I didn’t realize how abandoned the city of Motown was until I took at class at the University of Michigan breaking down the “white flight.” I’ve written it before: the city of Detroit, like it’s sports teams, is actually in great current standing – yet the money remains in the suburbs still. Where are the […]

Love Defies Logic

As oldschool went to bed, the clock was past midnight Eastern time. The Tigers led 1-0 behind a Big Cat home run, gave up a two-run blast, tied it on another solo shot from Upton, and then went on to give up 7 straight runs. Down 9-2, J.D. Martinez had lifted a two-run shot out […]

Almost Unbearable

Almost Unbearable

Brad Ausmus and I do not think alike. Unless it’s just the way Big Cat and our hitters approach the game – not working the count, swinging at the first fastball they see. Personally, I do not enjoy watching the 2016 Detroit Tiger offensive style. And it’s only May. Unless Ausmus is dismissed for Kirk […]

Change the Batting Order

You could claim the Tigers’ resurgence of late is due to Brad’s infamous ejection on Monday, but maybe it has had more to do with the return of originally drafted by Detroit Cameron Maybin? In just four games back in uniform, he is leading our team with as many stolen bases. And he’s worked the […]

Welcome to the Jungle

How else can you describe an 8-0 Tigers advantage vacated by the seventh inning – only to be took back again on more superhero baseball. The 1st inning was magical – our first game back at Comerica with Kirby’s ashes in right-center field. Ian Kinsler led off by smashing the first pitch from Minnesota over […]

Just Because We Won…

Changes nothing, Detroit. I’ve written articles in the past on “Superhero” baseball where our Gs bail out Brad with late-inning comebacks and home run heroics. Yesterday afternoon was no different. We led 1-0, then gave up three first inning runs. (Joba Jr. is coming along but I thought Daniel Norris was our guy?) Ian Kinlser […]


Every game is the same. We leave runners on base and it comes back to haunt us… and despite usually having an early lead we keep blowing it. Can you fathom the psychological torture we’re enduring? And this is what leads me to the Teal Swan’s ENDURING video, for Detroit is neglecting it’s teams just […]

God Save Us

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a team with this much talent be so poorly coached/managed. The Lions sure did squander some games, too, but Brad Ausmus makes Jim Caldwell look like Vince Lombardi (I almost said Joe… whoops). How can we keep showing up and dressing in our gear and being eternally hopeful? This […]

Field of Nightmares

Just got done watching 16 scoreless innings of baseball – and one one-run inning to allow Baltimore to beat Detroit and the magnificent, fabulous, dominant, brilliant Justin Verlander 1-0. Watching Brad Ausmus manage our team and squander the amount of talent it possesses is mind-blowing. We practically threatened to score in every inning, but never […]

The Good, The “Brad”, & The Ugly

The Good, The “Brad”, & The Ugly

Do You Believe in Magic?? May 11, 2016 Because today on Mother’s Day at Comerica Park, I renewed my vows to Tiger Baseball, completed with the sprinkling of my childhood dog’s ashes in centerfield – and it was magical. Exhibit A) Justin Verlander. I’d never seen #35 pitch in person. He did not disappoint, getting […]

Breaking Brad

So, Detroit fans: is this fun for you? Maybe since none of you even live in the city anymore, the Tigers – and better yet Lions, Red Wings and Pistons may as well be downtown: you’ve abandoned them and don’t give a fuck – call it “White Flight.” Just admit it, Detroit: you don’t really […]

Do You Believe in Magic??

Do You Believe in Magic??

Because today on Mother’s Day at Comerica Park, I renewed my vows to Tiger Baseball, completed with the sprinkling of my childhood dog’s ashes in centerfield – and it was magical. Exhibit A) Justin Verlander. I’d never seen #35 pitch in person. He did not disappoint, getting out of some tricky jams to dominate 7 […]


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