SO, several months back, in the middle of the night, I stumble across this crazy chat room called, “Bongfather.” Myself, stoned and several drinks deep, was severely intrigued. Over the next few hours, two OGs (Raccoon, iommi) taught me about this long-standing stoner chat room for snarfs just like me.
     Each and every day, I log into this chat and take hits from all over the world. There’s meowmixer in Canada, accompanied by many fellow clutch Canadian citizens; there’s ravenlunatic, repping Denver and the Colorado area with many other legal potheads, plus lining the west coast we have legal people in California, Oregon, and Washington. I represent the Midwest in Michigan along with Queen Ann, Ginger holds down Denmark, my boy iommi and many of his fellow Aussies accompany us – so we are an “army” all over the world.
     Look, people ostracize you sometimes for blowing trees. They call your plant-based marijuana a “drug;” the government still makes it much harder than it should be to receive it. But thanks to snarfs from Hawaii to India, we make it happen on our own and provide a comfort for outsiders looking for refuge.
     I thank bongfather for creating this site ten years ago. As a man with a permanent metal heel bone, having a place to drop in at, take a hit, and share some love has truly been a blessing. If you want to check us out, come on over to